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William Francis Giauque
William Giauque Nobel.jpg
Born 12 Mey 1895(1895-05-12)
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canadae
Died 28 Mairch 1982( 1982-03-28) (aged 86)
Berkeley, Californie
Naitionality American
Alma mater Varsity o Californie, Berkeley
Awairds Elliott Cresson Medal (1937)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1949)
Willard Gibbs Awaird (1951)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesical chemistry
Institutions Varsity o Californie, Berkeley
Doctoral advisor George Ernest Gibson,
Gilbert N. Lewis

William Francis Giauque (/iˈk/;[1] Mey 12, 1895 – Mairch 28, 1982) wis an American chemist an Nobel laureate recognised in 1949 for his studies in the properties o matter at temperaturs close tae absolute zero. He spent virtually aw o his eddicational an professional career at the Varsity o Californie, Berkeley.

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