William Chambers (publisher)

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William Chambers o Glenormiston
William Chambers 03.jpg
Statue erectit in memory o William Chambers o Glenormiston. It faces the Naitional Museum o Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh.
Laird Provost o Edinburgh
In office
MonarchQueen Victoria
Precedit biCharles Lawson o Borthwick Hall
Succeedit biWilliam Law
Personal details
Born16 April 1800 (1800-04-16)
Peebles, Unitit Kinrick
Dee'd20 May 1883 (1883-05-21)

William Chambers of Glenormiston or William Chambers FRSE (/ˈtʃmbərz/; 16 Apryle 1800[1] – 20 Mey 1883) wis a Scots publisher an politeecian, the brither (an business pairtner) o Robert Chambers. The brithers war influential in the mid-19t century, in baith scienteefic an poleetical circles.

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