William Cavendish, 4t Duke o Devonshire

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The Duke o Devonshire

4th Duke of Devonshire after Hudson.jpg
Prime Meenister o Great Breetain
In office
16 November 1756 – 25 Juin 1757
Monarch George II
Precedit bi The Duke o Newcastle
Succeedit bi The Duke o Newcastle
Personal details
Born 8 Mey 1720(1720-05-08)
Dee'd 2 October 1764(1764-10-02) (aged 44)
Spa, Austrian Netherlands
Poleetical pairty Whig
Spoose(s) Charlotte Boyle (m. 1748; d. 1754)
Bairns 4
Religion Kirk o Ingland

William Cavendish, 4t Duke o Devonshire, KG, PC (8 Mey 1720 – 2 October 1764), styled Laird Cavendish afore 1729 an Marquess o Hartington atween 1729 an 1755, wis a Breetish Whig statesman an nobleman wha wis briefly nominal Prime Meenister o Great Breetain.[1]

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