William Carlos Williams

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William Carlos Williams
William Carlos Williams passport photograph 1921.jpg
William Carlos Williams passport photograph,1921
Born17 September 1883(1883-09-17)
Rutherford, New Jersey, Unitit States
Dee'd4 Mairch 1963(1963-03-04) (aged 79)
Rutherford, New Jersey, Unitit States
ThriftWriter, pheesician
Alma materVarsity o Pennsylvanie
Leeterar muivementModrenism, Eemagism
Notable warks"The Red Wheelbarrow"; Spring and All; Paterson
SpooseMrs Florence Williams

William Carlos Williams (September 17, 1883 – Mairch 4, 1963) wis a Puerto Rican-American poet closely associatit wi modrenism an eemagism.[1] His wark haes a great affinity wi pentin, in which he haed a lifelang interest.

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