William Auchterlonie

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Willie Auchterlonie
Willie Auchterlonie - c. 1897.PNG
Auchterlonie, c. 1897
Personal information
Full name William Auchterlonie
Nickname Willie
Born 7 August 1872(1872-08-07)
St Andras, Scotland
Dee'd 27 Februar 1963(1963-02-27) (aged 90)
Kirkaudy, Scotland
Naitionality  Scotland
Status Perfaisional
Best results in major championships
(wins: 1)
Masters Tournament DNP
U.S. Open DNP
The Open Championship Wan: 1893
PGA Championship DNP

William "Willie" Auchterlonie (7 August 1872[1] – 27 Februar 1963[2][3][4][5]) wis a Scots perfaisional gowfer.

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