Wilhelm Ostwald

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Nobel prize medal.svg Wilhelm Ostwald
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Born Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald
2 September 1853(1853-09-02)
Riga, Govrenorate o Livonia, Roushie Empire (nou Latvie)
Died 4 Aprile 1932(1932-04-04) (aged 78)
Großbothen near Leipzig, Germany
Naitionality Baltic German bi birth. Proushie, German (efter 1871)
Fields Pheesical chemistry
Institutions Varsity o Dorpat
Riga Polytechnicum
Varsity o Leipzig
Alma mater Varsity o Dorpat
Doctoral advisor Carl Schmidt
Doctoral students Arthur Amos Noyes
Georg Bredig
Paul Walden
Frederick George Donnan
Kent for Catalysis
Coinin the term 'Mole'
Liesegang rings
Ostwald dilution law
Ostwald process
Ostwald ripenin
Ostwald's rule
Ostwald viscometer
Ostwald-Folin Pipette
Ostwald–Freundlich equation
Notable awairds Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1909)

Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald (Roushie: Фридрих Вильгельм Оствальд, Latvie: Vilhelms Ostvalds; 2 September 1853 – 4 Aprile 1932) wis a Roushie-German chemist. He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1909 for his wirk on catalysis, chemical equilibria an reaction velocities.