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Wiki travel guide
Available inInitially Inglis, nou wi 20 addeetional leids: Arabic, Catalan, Cheenese, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Ebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Pols, Portuguese, Romanie, Roushie, Spainyie, an Swadish[1]
AwnerInternet Brands
Creautit biEvan Prodromou
Michele Ann Jenkins
Slogan(s)The Free Travel Guide
Alexa ranknegative increase 4,987 (Aug 2015)[2]
Users~500 active uisers (at least ane eedit in the past 30 days)
LaunchedJulie 2003 (2003-07)
Current statusActive
Content license
Written inMediaWiki saftware, made in PHP

Wikitravel is a web-based collaborative travel guide project, based upon the wiki model, launched bi Evan Prodromou an Michele Ann Jenkins in 2003.[4][5]

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