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On the left-haund side o yer screen there's a Rake kistie wi twa buttons ablo it cried "Gang" an "Rake". Juist type something intil the kistie, like Bicycle, an knuisle the enter key or knick the Gang button. This will tak ye straucht til Wikipedia's airticle on Bicycle. There ye will maist like find answers tae aw the quaistens ye iver haed anent bikes, an a puckle ye didna. If ye hae ony deeficulties, the lave o this airticle gies weys tae sort them.

Defineetions[eedit soorce]

Gin ye're juist efter a defineetion, oor sister project Wiktionary is a fine chyce.

It coud be, acause o a deeferent skin or byordinar display device, that the kistie winna be on the left. Juist leuk aboot the screen an ye'll find it.

Disambiguation[eedit soorce]

Ye micht type something like Plaque, that taks ye tae a list o the mony things ye micht be efter. This is cried a disambiguation page, an it's there for tae mak things aesier for ye. If it wisna for that, ye'd hae to read oor minds an ken the ae multiwird code we'd thocht o for ilk ane.

Redirection[eedit soorce]

There's things that can be cried by mony names. The Flag o Scotland, for instance, micht coud be cried the Scots Flag, the Saltire, or ony o a dizzen seemlar things. In this case, gin ye type ony o thae in, ye'll be redirectit tae the richt page. Ye're walcome. Gin ye're taen tae a rake menu instead o bein redirectit, that shaws that naebody thocht o that wey o writin it. Juist try anither phrase, or try something sib like Flag or Scotland.

Gin there's nae sic airticle, or gin ye knick the Rake button bi mistak insteid o the Gang button, oor rake will dae its bestest tae gie ye a haund. Gin that isna wirkin for ye, ye micht try a fremmit search ingine like Google or Yahoo.