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Main page o Wikidata
Teep o steid
Knawledge base, wiki
Available in Multilingual
Awner Wikimedia Foundation
Creautit bi Wikimedia community
Alexa rank Increase 29,406 (Oct 2013)[1]
Commercial Na
Launched 29 October 2012 (2012-10-29)

Wikidata is a collaboratively edited knawledge base operatit bi the Wikimedia Foundation. It is intendit tae provide a common soorce o certaint data types (for ensaumple, birth dates) which can be uised bi Wikimedia projects sic as Wikipaedia.[2][3] This is seemilar tae the wey Wikimedia Commons provides storage for media files an access tae thae files for aw Wikimedia projects.

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