Wii Sports

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Wii Sports
Duo playing Wii Sports.jpg
Developer(s)Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
Producer(s)Shigeru Miyamoto Edit this on Wikidata
Designer(s)Keizo Ohta
Takayuki Shimamura
Yoshikazu Yamashita
Componer(s)Kazumi Totaka[1]
        • KR: April 26, 2008
        Genre(s)Sports gemme
        Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

        Wii Sports (Wii スポーツ, Wī Supōtsu) is a sports gemme developed an published bi Nintendo as a launch title for the Wii video gemme console (an the first title for this console), an pairt o the Touch! Generations.[2] The gemme wis first released in North Americae along wi the Wii on November 19, 2006, an wis released in Japan, Australie, an Europe the followin month. It wis includit as a pack-in gemme wi the Wii console in aw territories except Japan,[3] makin it the first gemme includit wi the launch o a Nintendo system syne Mario's Tennis for the Virtual Boy in 1995. Wii Sports is now available on its own as pairt o the Nintendo Selects collection o gemmes an is no longer a pack-in gemme for the Wii.

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