White Sea

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White Sea
White Sea map.png
Basin kintrasRoushie
Surface aurie90,000 km2 (34,700 sq mi)
Average deepth60 m (197 ft)
Max. deepth340 m (1,115 ft)

The White Sea (Roushie: Бе́лое мо́ре; Finnish: Vienanmeri) is a soothren inlet o the Barents Sea locatit on the northwast coast o Roushie. It is surroondit bi Karelia tae the wast, the Kola Peninsula tae the north, an the Kanin Peninsula tae the northeast. The whole o the White Sea is unner Roushie sovereignty an considered tae be pairt o the internal watters o Roushie.[3] Admeenistratively, it is dividit atween Arkhangelsk an Murmansk Oblasts an the Republic o Karelie.

The major port o Arkhangelsk is locatit on the White Sea. For much o Roushie's history this wis Roushie's main centre o= internaitional maritime trade, conductit bi the sae-cried Pomors ("seaside settlers") frae Kholmogory. In the modren era it acame an important Soviet naval an submarine base. The White Sea-Baltic Canal connects the White Sea wi the Baltic Sea.

The White Sea is ane o fower seas named in Inglis efter common colour terms — the ithers bein the Black Sea, the Reid Sea an the Yellae Sea.

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Coordinates: 65°30′N 37°30′E / 65.500°N 37.500°E / 65.500; 37.500