Westgate shoppin maw shuitin

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Westgate shoppin maw shuitin
Smoke above Westgate mall.jpg
Smoke ower Westgate shoppin maw on 23 September 2013
LocationWestlands, Nairobi,
Coordinates1°15′25″S 36°48′12″E / 1.25694°S 36.80333°E / -1.25694; 36.80333
Date21 September 2013 (2013-09-21)
~12:00–12:30 on 21–24 September (UTC+3)
Attack teep
Mass murther, shuitin
Non-fatal injures
Perpetrator al-Shabaab

On 21 September 2013,[3] unidentified gunmen attacked the upscale Westgate shoppin maw in Nairobi, Kenyae. The attack, lastin frae 21 tae 24 September, resultit in 72 daiths, includin 61 ceevilians, sax Kenyan sauldiers an five attackers, accordin tae the Kenyan Preses Uhuru Kenyatta. Thay then held hostages an later engaged in gun battles wi Kenyan security forces. Ower 200 fowk wur an aa reportitly woondit in the mass shuitin.[4]

The Islamist groop Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the incident, which it characterised as retribution for the Kenyan militar's deployment in Somalie. Mony media ootlets an aa suspectit the insurgent groop's involvement in the attack based on earlier reprisal wairnins it haed issued in the wak o Operation Linda Nchi frae 2011 tae 2012.

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