Wertheim am Main

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Wertheim a. M., Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann, 1822

Wertheim is a toun in soothwastern Germany, in the state o Baden-Württemberg wi 24,764 indwallers. It is situate on the confluence o the rivers Tauber an Main.

It is weel-kent for its wine, castle an medieval up-toun.

For monie years Wertheim wis hame tae Peden Barracks, a US Airmie installation. Heidquartered at Peden Barracks wis the 72t Field Artillery Brigade an twa Field Artillery Battalions - 3/35FA (8 inch sel-propellt) an 4/27 FA (MLRS). The US Airmie left Peden Barracks in the early 1990s as pairt o the post Cauld Weir reorganisation o the US airmed forces in Germany.

Events: Simmer festival on the last three days o Julie, follaed bi a medieval festival on the castle.

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