Wearing a Martyr's Crown

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Wearing a Martyr's Crown[1] is the fowert album bi the melodic daith metal baund Nightrage. The album wis released on Juin 22, 2009 through German label, Lifeforce Records.[1] The European digipak includes a demo version o "Failure of All Human Emotions" as a bonus track. The Japanese version o the album includes a cover o Metallica's "Holier Than Thou."

On Februar 18, 2010 Nightrage released their third muisic video for the sang Wearing a Martyr's Crown while on a tour o Greece. The video wis ance again directit bi Bob Katsionis an wis recordit at Zero Gravity Studios which is locatit in Athens.

The title for the instrumental Sting Of Remorse wis inspired bi leerics frae the sang Surge Of Pity which appears on the album A New Disease Is Born.

Track leetin[1][eedit | eedit soorce]

1."Shed the Blood"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen4:13
2."Collision of Fate"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen5:13
3."A Grim Struggle"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen5:03
4."Wearing a Martyr's Crown"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen4:30
5."Among Wolves"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen4:29
7."Futile Tears"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen5:18
8."Wounded Angels"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen4:00
9."Mocking Modesty"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen4:29
10."Failure of All Human Emotions"Iliopoulos/Mörck/Hämäläinen4:36
11."Sting of Remorse [instrumental]"Iliopoulos/Mörck5:21

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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