Watter polo

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Water Polo
Greece (white) vs. Hungary (blue) play a watter polo match at the Warld Junior Championships 2004 in Naples, Italy
Heichest govrenin body FINA
Nickname(s) Polo, Wopo
Creatit Late 19t century
Contact Yes
Team members 7 (6 field players an 1 goalkeeper)
Categorization Induir or outduir, aquatic
Equipment Watter polo baw, watter polo goals, watter polo caps
Venue Watter polo puil
Olympic 1900

Watter polo is a team watter sport. The game consists of 4 quarters in which the twa teams attempt tae score goals bi throwin the baw into their opponent's goal, wi the team wi the maist goals at the end o the gemme winnin the match.