Wast Yorkshire Urban Aurie

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Wast Yorkshire Urban Aurie
West Yorkshire Urban Area map
Aurie  370.02 km2 (142.87 sq mi)
Population 1,499,465 
    - Density  4,052/km2 (10,490/sq mi)
OS grid reference SE455215
Metropolitan coonty Wast Yorkshire
Region Yorkshire an the Humber
Kintra Ingland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Polis Wast Yorkshire
Ambulance Yorkshire
EU Pairlament Yorkshire an the Humber
Leet o places

The Wast Yorkshire Urban Aurie is a term uised bi the Office for National Statistics (ONS) tae refer tae a conurbation in Wast Yorkshire, Ingland, based aroond the ceeties o Leeds, Bradford an Wakefield, an the lairge toun o Huddersfield. Housomeivver, it excludes touns such as Castleford, Halifax, Pontefract an Wetherby which though pairt o the coonty o Wast Yorkshire are considered independently. There are substantial auries o agricultural land athin the designatit aurie - mair than in ony ither offeecial urban aurie in Ingland - mony o the touns an ceeties are anerlie juist connectit wi ane anither bi narrae ootlyin strips o development.

Urban Subdiveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ONS gives the conurbation a population o 1,499,465 (2001 census),[1] which maks it the fowert-maist populous in the UK. The ONS breaks the aurie doun intae the follaein sub-diveesions:[2]

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Coordinates: 53°43′N 1°38′W / 53.717°N 1.633°W / 53.717; -1.633