Wast Francie

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Kinrick o the Wast Franks
Francia occidentalis


Cairt o the diveesion o Francie enactit at Verdun in 843. Frae Ridpath's Universal History (1895)
Caipital Paris
Leids Gallo-Roman, Laitin
Releegion Roman Catholic
Government Monarchy
Keeng o the Franks
 -  840–877 Charles the Bald (first)
 -  986–987 Louis V o Fraunce
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Treaty o Verdun 843
 -  Treaty o Meerssen 870
 -  Capetian dynasty established 987
Siller Denier
The day pairt o  Belgium

In medieval historiografie, Wast Francie (Laitin: Francia occidentalis) or the Kinrick o the Wast Franks (regnum Francorum occidentalium) forms the earliest stage o the Kinrick o Fraunce, lastin frae aboot 840 till 987.