Wars o the Three Kinricks

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Wars o the Three Kinricks
Charles I in Three Poseetions bi Anthony van Dyck, 1635–36
Monarch o the Three Kinricks: Charles I in Three Poseetions bi Anthony van Dyck, pentit in 1633
(12 years)
LocationGreat Britain an Ireland

Inglish Pairlamentary Airmy veectory ower aw ither protagonists

  • Execution o Keeng Charles I
  • Exile o Charles II
  • Defeat o the Erse Confederates
  • Defeat o the Scots Covenanters
  • Inglis Pairlament reduced tae a Rump
  • Establishment o the republican Commonweel
Inglis, Scots an Erse Ryalists Scots Covenanters Erse Confederates Erse Protestants Inglis Pairlamentarians
Commanders an leaders
Casualties an losses
50,000 Inglis an Welsh[1] 34,000[1]
127,000 noncombat Inglis an Welsh daiths (includin some 40,000 ceevilians)[2]

The Wars o the Three Kinricks formed an intertwined series o conflicts that teuk place in Ingland, Ireland an Scotland atween 1639 an 1651.

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