Wars o the Roses

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Wars o the Roses
Choosing the Red and White Roses.jpg
Pentin bi Henry Payne in 1908 o the scene in the Temple Garden frae Shakespeare's play Henry VI, Part 1, whaur supporters o the rival factions pick either reid or white roses
LocationIngland, Wales, Calais
  • Initial Yorkist victories leadin tae ower twenty years o Yorkist rule
  • Final Lancastrian victory
  • Establishment an accession o the Tudor Rose.svg Tudor dynasty
White Rose Badge of York.svg Hoose o York Red Rose Badge of Lancaster.svg Hoose o Lancaster
Commanders an leaders
Arms of Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York.svg Richard, Duke o York  
Royal Arms of England (1399-1603).svg Edward IV o Ingland
Arms of Thomas of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Clarence.svg Richard III o Ingland  
Royal Arms of England (1470-1471).svg Henry VI o Ingland
Arms of Margaret of Anjou.svg Margaret o Anjou
Arms of the Prince of Wales (Modern).svg Edward o Westminster  
Arms of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond.svg Henry VII o Ingland

The Wars o the Roses war a series o dynastic wars for the throne o Ingland. Thay war foucht atween supporters o twa rival branches o the ryal Hoose o Plantagenet, the Hooses o Lancaster an York. Thay war foucht in several sporadic episodes atween 1455 an 1487, awthou thare wis relatit fichtin afore an efter this period. The conflict resulted frae social an financial troobles that follaeed the Hunder Years' War, combined wi the mental infirmity an waik rule o Henry VI, which revived interest in the alternative claim tae the throne o Richard, Duke o York.

The feenal veectory went tae a claimant o the Lancastrian pairty, Henry Tudor, who defeatit the last Yorkist keeng, Richard III, at the Battle o Bosworth Field. Efter assumin the throne as Henry VII, he mairit Elizabeth o York, the eldest dauchter an heiress o Edward IV, tharebi unitin the twa claims. The Hoose o Tudor ruled Ingland an Wales till 1603.