Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship

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Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship

Województwo warmińsko-mazurskie
Banner o Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship
Coat of airms o Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship
Coat airms
Location athin Poland
Location athin Poland
Diveesion intae coonties
Diveesion intae coonties
Coordinates (Olsztyn): 53°47′N 20°30′E / 53.783°N 20.500°E / 53.783; 20.500
Kintra Poland
 • Total24191.8 km2 (9,340.5 sq mi)
 • Total1,427,091
 • Density59/km2 (150/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Caur platesN
WebsiteOffeecial Voivodeship's wabsteid
  • further dividit intae 116 gminas
Neo-baroque Ceety Haw in Iława
Iława war monument

Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship, or Warmie-Masurie Province[1] (in Pols: Województwo warmińsko-mazurskie, [vɔjɛˈvut͡stfɔ varˈmiɲskɔ maˈzurskʲɛ]), is a voivodeship (province) in northeastren Poland. Its caipital an lairgest ceety is Olsztyn. The voivodeship haes a aurie o 24,192 km2 (9,341 sq mi) an a population o 1,427,091 (as o 2006).

The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship wis creatit on 1 Januar, 1999, oot o the umwhile Olsztyn Voivodeship an pairts o Suwałki an Elbląg Voivodeships, pursuant tae the Pols local govrenment reforms adoptit in 1998. The province's name derives frae twa historic regions, Warmie an Masurie.

The province borders the Podlaskie Voivodeship tae the east, the Masovie Voivodeship tae the sooth, the Kuyavie-Pomeranie Voivodeship tae the sooth-wast, the Pomeranie Voivodeship tae the wast, the Vistula Lagoon tae the northwast, an the Kaliningrad Oblast (an exclave o Roushie) tae the north. The region contains the soothren pairt o East Proushie, which Poland teuk ower frae Germany in 1945, while the Soviet Union teuk ower the northren pairt, the present Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship haes the lairgest nummer o ethnic Ukrainians livin in Poland[2] due tae forcit relocations (such as Operation Vistula) carriet oot bi the Soviet an Pols Communist authorities.

Ceeties an touns[eedit | eedit soorce]

The voivodeship contains 49 ceeties an touns. These are leetit belaw in descendin order o population (accordin tae offeecial figurs for 2006):[3]

Admeenistrative diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Warmie-Masurie Voivodeship is dividit intae 21 coonties (powiats): 2 ceety coonties an 19 land coonties. These are further dividit intae 116 gminas.

The coonties are leetit in the follaein table (orderin athin categories is bi decreasin population).

Scots an
Pols names
Seat Other towns Total
Ceety coonties
Olsztyn 88 176,522 1
Elbląg 80 127,055 1
Land coonties
Olsztyn Coonty
powiat olsztyński
2,840 113,529 Olsztyn * Dobre Miasto, Biskupiec, Olsztynek, Barczewo, Jeziorany 12
Ostróda Coonty
powiat ostródzki
1,765 105,286 Ostróda Morąg, Miłakowo, Miłomłyn 9
Iława Coonty
powiat iławski
1,385 89,960 Iława Lubawa, Susz, Kisielice, Zalewo 7
Ełk Coonty
powiat ełcki
1,112 84,760 Ełk 5
Szczytno Coonty
powiat szczycieński
1,933 69,289 Szczytno Pasym 8
Kętrzyn Coonty
powiat kętrzyński
1,213 66,165 Kętrzyn Reszel, Korsze 6
Działdowo Coonty
powiat działdowski
953 65,110 Działdowo Lidzbark 6
Bartoszyce Coonty
powiat bartoszycki
1,309 61,354 Bartoszyce Górowo Iławeckie, Bisztynek, Sępopol 6
Pisz Coonty
powiat piski
1,776 57,553 Pisz Orzysz, Ruciane-Nida, Biała Piska 4
Giżycko Coonty
powiat giżycki
1,119 56,863 Giżycko Ryn 6
Elbląg Coonty
powiat elbląski
1,431 56,412 Elbląg * Pasłęk, Tolkmicko, Młynary 9
Mrągowo Coonty
powiat mrągowski
1,065 50,087 Mrągowo Mikołajki 5
Braniewo Coonty
powiat braniewski
1,205 43,781 Braniewo Pieniężno, Frombork 7
Nowe Miasto Coonty
powiat nowomiejski
695 43,388 Nowe Miasto Lubawskie 5
Lidzbark Coonty
powiat lidzbarski
924 43,006 Lidzbark Warmiński Orneta 5
Olecko Coonty
powiat olecki
874 34,215 Olecko 4
Nidzica Coonty
powiat nidzicki
961 33,955 Nidzica 4
Gołdap Coonty
powiat gołdapski
772 26,989 Gołdap 3
Węgorzewo Coonty
powiat węgorzewski
693 23,641 Węgorzewo 3
* seat not part of the county

Protectit auries[eedit | eedit soorce]

Protected auries in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship include aicht auries designatit as Landscape Parks, as leetit belaw:

The Łuknajno Lake natur reserve (pairt o Masurian Landscape Pairk) is a protectit wetland steid unner the Ramsar convention, as well as being designatit bi UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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