Ware an Autumn period

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Ware an Autumn period
Traditional Chinese春秋時代
Simplified Chinese春秋时代
Hanyu PinyinChūn-Qiū Shídài

The Ware an Autumn period wis a period in Cheenese history frae approximately 771 tae 476 BC (or accordin tae some authorities till 403 BC[lower-alpha 1])[2] that corresponds aboot tae the first hauf o the Eastren Zhou Period.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Pairteetion o Jin, the wattershed atween the Ware an Autumn an Warrin States periods teuk several decades, sicweys thare is some debate atween scholars as tae the exact date. 481 BC, 475 BC, an 468 BC are ither common dates selectit bi historians.[1]

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