War o the League o Cambrai

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War o the League o Cambrai
Pairt o the Italian Wars
Northren Italy in 1494
Northren Italy in 1494; bi the stairt o the war in 1508, Louis XII haed expelled the Sforza frae the Duchy o Milan an addit its territory tae Fraunce.
LocationItaly, Fraunce, Ingland, an Spain
Result French an Venetian veectory
1508–1510: League o Cambrai: 1508–1510:
1510–1513: 1510–1511:
1511–1513: Holy League:
1513–1516: 1513–1516:

The War o the League o Cambrai, whiles kent as the War o the Holy League an bi several ither names,[1] wis a major conflict in the Italian Wars.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The conflict comprisin the 1508–1516 portion o the Italian Wars mey be dividit intae three separate wars: the War o the League o Cambrai (1508–1510), the War o the Haly League (1510–1514), an Francis I's First Italian War (1515–1516). The War o the Haly League mey be forder dividit intae the Ferrarese War (1510), the War o the Haly League proper (1511–1514), an Anglo-Scots War (1513) an an Anglo-French War (1513–1514). Certaint historians (notably Phillips an Axelrod) refer tae ilk o the component wars separately, while ithers (notably Norwich) treat the entire conflict as a single war.