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Wanli Emperor
13t Emperor o the Ming dynasty
Ring 19 July 1572 – 18 August 1620
Predecessor Longqing Emperor
Successor Taichang Emperor
Regent Gao Gong, Gao Yi (1572)
Zhang Juzheng (1572–1582)
Born 4 September 1563(1563-09-04)
Dee'd 18 August 1620(1620-08-18) (aged 56)
Buirial Ming tombs, Beijing, Cheenae
Spouse Empress Xiaoduanxian
Empress Xiaojing
Issue Taichang Emperor
Full name
Faimily name: Zhu (朱)
Gien name: Yijun (翊鈞)
Era name and dates
Wanli (萬曆): 2 February 1573 – 27 August 1620[1]
Posthumous name
Emperor Fantian Hedao Zhesu Dunjian Guangwen Zhangwu Anren Zhixiao Xian
Temple name
Míng Shénzōng
Hoose House of Zhu
Faither Longqing Emperor
Mither Empress Dowager Xiaoding

The Wanli Emperor (Cheenese: 萬曆; pinyin: Wàn Lì; 4 September 1563 – 18 August 1620), personal name Zhu Yijun (Cheenese: 朱翊鈞; pinyin: Zhū Yìjūn), wis the 13t emperor o the Ming dynasty o Cheenae. "Wanli", the era name o his reign, leeterally means "ten thoosand calendars". He wis the third son o the Longqing Emperor. His reign o 48 years (1572-1620) wis the langest amang aw the Ming dynasty emperors an it witnessed the steady decline o the dynasty.

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  1. Follaein the daith o the emperor, the Wanli era wis normally due tae end on 21 Januar 1621. However, the Wanli Emperor's successor, the Taichang Emperor, died within a month, afore 22 Januar 1621, which should hae been the stairt o the Taichang era. The Tianqi Emperor, wha succeedit the Taichang Emperor, decidit that the Wanli era would be conseedert as haein endit on the last day o the seivent month (equivalent tae 27 August 1620), tae enable the Taichang era tae be applee'd retrospectively for the remainin five months in that year (see the Taichang Emperor airticle).