Wanli Emperor

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Wanli Emperor
13t Emperor o the Ming dynasty
Ring19 July 1572 – 18 August 1620
PredecessorLongqing Emperor
SuccessorTaichang Emperor
RegentGao Gong, Gao Yi (1572)
Zhang Juzheng (1572–1582)
Born4 September 1563(1563-09-04)
Dee'd18 August 1620(1620-08-18) (aged 56)
BuirialMing tombs, Beijing, Cheenae
SpouseEmpress Xiaoduanxian
Empress Xiaojing
IssueTaichang Emperor
Full name
Faimily name: Zhu (朱)
Gien name: Yijun (翊鈞)
Era name and dates
Wanli (萬曆): 2 February 1573 – 27 August 1620[1]
Posthumous name
Emperor Fantian Hedao Zhesu Dunjian Guangwen Zhangwu Anren Zhixiao Xian
Temple name
Míng Shénzōng
HooseHouse of Zhu
FaitherLongqing Emperor
MitherEmpress Dowager Xiaoding

The Wanli Emperor (Cheenese: 萬曆; pinyin: Wàn Lì; 4 September 1563 – 18 August 1620), personal name Zhu Yijun (Cheenese: 朱翊鈞; pinyin: Zhū Yìjūn), wis the 13t emperor o the Ming dynasty o Cheenae. "Wanli", the era name o his reign, leeterally means "ten thoosand calendars". He wis the third son o the Longqing Emperor. His reign o 48 years (1572-1620) wis the langest amang aw the Ming dynasty emperors an it witnessed the steady decline o the dynasty.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Follaein the daith o the emperor, the Wanli era wis normally due tae end on 21 Januar 1621. However, the Wanli Emperor's successor, the Taichang Emperor, died within a month, afore 22 Januar 1621, which should hae been the stairt o the Taichang era. The Tianqi Emperor, wha succeedit the Taichang Emperor, decidit that the Wanli era would be conseedert as haein endit on the last day o the seivent month (equivalent tae 27 August 1620), tae enable the Taichang era tae be applee'd retrospectively for the remainin five months in that year (see the Taichang Emperor airticle).