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This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Wang.
Wang Mang
Emperor o the Xin Dynasty
Ring 9–23
Predecessor none, Ruzi Ying as Emperor o Wastren Han Dynasty
Successor dynasty abolished, Gengshi Emperor as Emperor o Xuan Han Dynasty
Born 45 BC
Yuancheng, Wei Commandery, Han Empire
Dee'd 6 October 23 (aged 67)
Chang'an, Han Empire
Spouse Empress Wang
Empress Shi
Zhenzhi, concubine
Huaineng, concubine
Kaiming, concubine
Issue Wang Yu (王宇)
Wang Hue (王獲)
Wang An, Prince o Xinqian (王安)
Wang Lin, Prince o Tongyiyang (王臨)
Wang Xing, Duke o Gongxiu (王興)
Wang Kuang, Duke o Gongjian (王匡)
Leddy Wang, Empress Xiaoping o Han (孝平皇后)
Wang Jie, Leddy o Mudai (王捷)
Leddy Wang, Leddy o Muxiu
Era dates
Shi-jian-guo 始建國 (9–13)
Tian-feng 天鳳 (14–19)
Di-huang 地皇 (20–23)
Posthumous name
Temple name
Dynasty Xin Dynasty
Faither Wang Man (王曼)
Mither Qu (渠)
Wang Mang
Cheenese 王莽

Wang Mang (Cheenese: 王莽; pinyin: Wáng Mǎng, c. 45 BC – 6 October 23 AD), coortesy name Jujun (Cheenese: 巨君; pinyin: Jùjūn), wis a Han Dynasty offeecial an consort kin that seized the throne frae the Liu family and founded the Xin (or Hsin, meaning "renewed"[note 1]) Dynasty (新朝), rulin 9–23 AD.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Early Chinese dynasties were typically named efter the fief o thair foondin dynast, an this readin is consistent wi Wang Mang's pre-imperial poseetion as Marquess o Xin. In 1950, C.B. Sargent suggested that the name o the dynasty shoud be read as meanin "new", that J.J.L. Duyvendak rejectit oot o haund. Chauncey S. Goodrich later convincinly airgie'd that it mey be possible tae assign a semantic readin tae xin, but that it ocht tae be read as renewed or renewal, nae semply new. See Goodrich, Chauncey S. (July 1957). "The Reign of Wang Mang: Hsin or New?". Oriens. Leiden: Brill. 10 (1): 114–8. doi:10.2307/1578760.