Wang Mang

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This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Wang.
Wang Mang
Emperor o the Xin Dynasty
Predecessornone, Ruzi Ying as Emperor o Wastren Han Dynasty
Successordynasty abolished, Gengshi Emperor as Emperor o Xuan Han Dynasty
Born45 BC
Yuancheng, Wei Commandery, Han Empire
Dee'd6 October 23 (aged 67)
Chang'an, Han Empire
SpouseEmpress Wang
Empress Shi
Zhenzhi, concubine
Huaineng, concubine
Kaiming, concubine
IssueWang Yu (王宇)
Wang Hue (王獲)
Wang An, Prince o Xinqian (王安)
Wang Lin, Prince o Tongyiyang (王臨)
Wang Xing, Duke o Gongxiu (王興)
Wang Kuang, Duke o Gongjian (王匡)
Leddy Wang, Empress Xiaoping o Han (孝平皇后)
Wang Jie, Leddy o Mudai (王捷)
Leddy Wang, Leddy o Muxiu
Era dates
Shi-jian-guo 始建國 (9–13)
Tian-feng 天鳳 (14–19)
Di-huang 地皇 (20–23)
Posthumous name
Temple name
DynastyXin Dynasty
FaitherWang Man (王曼)
MitherQu (渠)
Wang Mang

Wang Mang (Cheenese: 王莽; pinyin: Wáng Mǎng, c. 45 BC – 6 October 23 AD), coortesy name Jujun (Cheenese: 巨君; pinyin: Jùjūn), wis a Han Dynasty offeecial an consort kin that seized the throne frae the Liu family and founded the Xin (or Hsin, meaning "renewed"[note 1]) Dynasty (新朝), rulin 9–23 AD.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Early Chinese dynasties were typically named efter the fief o thair foondin dynast, an this readin is consistent wi Wang Mang's pre-imperial poseetion as Marquess o Xin. In 1950, C.B. Sargent suggested that the name o the dynasty shoud be read as meanin "new", that J.J.L. Duyvendak rejectit oot o haund. Chauncey S. Goodrich later convincinly airgie'd that it mey be possible tae assign a semantic readin tae xin, but that it ocht tae be read as renewed or renewal, nae semply new. See Goodrich, Chauncey S. (July 1957). "The Reign of Wang Mang: Hsin or New?". Oriens. Leiden: Brill. 10 (1): 114–8. doi:10.2307/1578760.