Walter Raleigh

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Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Walter Ralegh by 'H' monogrammist.jpg
Portrait o Sir Walter Raleigh inscrived richt: Aetatis suae 34 An(no) 1588 ("In the year 1588 o his age 34") an left: wi his motto Amor et Virtute ("Bi Luve an Virtue"). National Portrait Gallery, Lunnon
Bornc. 1552 (or 1554)
Hayes Barton, East Budleigh, Devon, Ingland
Dee'd(1618-10-29)29 October 1618 (aged c. 65)
Lunnon, Ingland
ThriftWriter, poet, sodger, coortier, explorer
Alma materOriel College, Oxford
SpooseElizabeth Throckmorton
BairnsDamerei, Walter (Wat),[1] Carew


Sir Walter Raleigh (/ˈrɔːli, ˈræli, ˈrɑːli/; c. 1552 (or 1554) – 29 October 1618), an aw spelled Ralegh,[2] wis an Inglis laundit gentleman, writer, poet, sodger, politeecian, coortier, spy an explorer.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. Mony alternative spellins o his surname exeest, includin Rawley, Ralegh, Ralagh, an Rawleigh. "Raleigh" appears maist commonly the day, tho he uised that spellin anerly ance, as faur as is kent. His maist consistent preference wis for "Ralegh". His full name is /ˈwɔːltər ˈrɔːli/, tho in practice /ˈræli/, RAL-ee, or even /ˈrɑːli/ RAH-lee are the uisual modren pronunciations in Ingland.