Walter Houser Brattain

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Walter Houser Brattain
Brattain circa 1950
Born10 Februar 1902(1902-02-10)
Xiamen, Fujian, Cheenae
Dee'd13 October 1987(1987-10-13) (aged 85)
Seattle, Washington, US
Alma materWhitman College
Varsity o Oregon
Varsity o Minnesota
Kent forTransistor
AwairdsStuart Ballantine Medal (1952)
Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1956)
Scientific career
FieldsPheesics, Electronic ingineerin
InstitutionsWhitman College
Bell Laboratories
Doctoral advisorJohn Torrence Tate, Sr.

Walter Houser Brattain (/ˈbrætən/; Februar 10, 1902 – October 13, 1987) wis an American pheesicist at Bell Labs wha, alang wi fellae scientists John Bardeen an William Shockley, inventit the pynt-contact transistor in December, 1947.[1] Thay shared the 1956 Nobel Prize in Pheesics for thair invention. Brattain devotit much o his life tae resairch on surface states.

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