Walloon Brabant

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Walloon Brabant
(French: Brabant-Wallon)
Province o Belgium
Banner o Walloon Brabant
Coat o airms o Walloon Brabant
Coat o airms
Location of Walloon Brabant
Coordinates: 50°40′N 04°35′E / 50.667°N 4.583°E / 50.667; 4.583Coordinates: 50°40′N 04°35′E / 50.667°N 4.583°E / 50.667; 4.583
Kintra  Belgium
Region  Wallonie
Caipital Wavre
 • Govrenor ?
 • Total 1,090.56 km2 (421.07 sq mi)
Population (1 January 2017)[1]
 • Tot 399,123
 • Density 370/km2 (950/sq mi)
Wabsteid Official site

Walloon Brabant (French: Brabant wallon, Dutch: Aboot this soondWaals-Brabant , Walloon: Roman Payis) is a province o Belgium, locatit in Wallonie.

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