Wallis an Futuna

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13°18′S 176°12′W / 13.300°S 176.200°W / -13.300; -176.200Coordinates: 13°18′S 176°12′W / 13.300°S 176.200°W / -13.300; -176.200

Territory o the Wallis an Futuna Islands

Territoire des îles Wallis et Futuna
Telituale o Uvea mo Futuna
Banner o Wallis an Futuna
Coat o airms o Wallis an Futuna
Coat o airms
Motto: "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité"
Location o Wallis an Futuna
StatusOwerseas collectivity
and largest city
13°17′S 176°11′W / 13.283°S 176.183°W / -13.283; -176.183
Offeecial leidsFrench
Ethnic groups
  • Wallisian
  • Futunan
Sovereign state Fraunce
GovrenmentOwerseas collectivity
Emmanuel Macron
Michel Aubouin
Petelo Hanisi
• Keeng o Uvea
Vacant (syne 2014)
• Keeng o Alo
Petelo Sea (since 2014)
• Keeng o Sigave
Vacant (syne 2014)
• Total
142.42 km2 (54.99 sq mi) (211t)
• Water (%)
• Mairch 2014 estimate
15,500[1] (228t)
• 2013[2] census
• Density
57.9/km2 (150.0/sq mi) (125th)
GDP (nominal)2005 estimate
• Tot
US$188 million[3] (nae ranked)
• Per capita
US$12,640[3] (nae ranked)
HDI (2008)Increase 0.793
heich · 132
CurrencyCFP franc (XPF)
Time zoneUTC+12
Cawin code+681
ISO 3166 codeWF
Internet TLD.wf
  1. Bi popular vote.

Wallis an Futuna, offeecially the Territory o the Wallis an Futuna Islands[4] (/ˈwɒlɪs/ an /fˈtnə/; French: Wallis et Futuna or Territoire des îles Wallis et Futuna, Fakauvea an Fakafutuna: Uvea mo Futuna), is a French island collectivity in the Sooth Paceefic atween Tuvalu tae the northwast, Rotuma o Fiji tae the west, the main pairt o Fiji tae the soothwast, Tonga tae the sootheast, Samoa tae the east, the New Zealand territory o Tokelau tae the northeast an tae a mair distant north the Phoenix Islands (Kiribati).

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