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in hieroglyphs
in hieroglyphs
ḏt "cobra"
in hieroglyphs
Twa images o Wadjet appear on this carved waw in the Hatshepsut Temple at Luxor

Wadjet (/ˈwɑːdˌɛt/ or /ˈwædˌɛt/; Egyptian wꜣḏyt, "green ane"),[1] kent tae the Greek warld as Uto (/ˈjt/ or Buto /ˈbjt/) amang ither names, wis oreeginally the auncient local goddess o the ceety o Dep (Buto),[2] which acame pairt o the ceety that the Egyptians named Per-Wadjet, Hoose o Wadjet, an the Greeks cried Buto (Desouk nou),[3] a ceety that wis an important steid in the Predynastic era o Auncient Egyp an the cultural developments o the Paleolithic.

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