Vuelta a España

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Vuelta a España
Race details
DateSeptember (syne 1995)
English nameTour o Spain
Local name(s)Vuelta Ciclista a España (in Spaingie)
Nickname(s)The Vuelta
CompetitionUCI Warld Tour
TypeGrand Tour
Race directorJavier Guillén
First edeetion1935 (1935)
Edeetions77 (as o 2022)
First winner Gustaaf Deloor (BEL)
Maist wins Roberto Heras (ESP) (4)
Maist recent Remco Evenepoel (BEL)

The Vuelta a España (Spaingie pronunciation: [ˈβwelta a esˈpaɲa]; Scots: Tour o Spain) is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in Spain, while an aa occasionally makin passes through nearbi kintras. Inspired bi the success o the Giro d'Italia an the Tour de France, the race wis first organized in 1935.[1] The race wis preventit frae bein run bi the Warld Wars an the Spaingie Ceevil War in the early years o its existence; however, the race haes been held annually syne 1955.[1] As the Vuelta gained prestige an popularity the race wis lengthened an its reach began tae extend aw aroond the globe. Syne 1979, the event haes been staged an managed bi Unipublic. The peloton expandit frae a primarily Spainyie parteecipation; riders frae aw ower the warld participate in the race each year. The Vuelta is a UCI Warld Tour event, which means that the teams that compete in the race are maistly UCI ProTeams, wi the exception o the teams that the organizers can invite.[2][3]

Alang wi the Tour de France an Giro d'Italia, the Vuelta maks up cyclin's prestigious, three week-lang Grand Tours.[4] While the route chynges each year, the format o the race stays the same wi the appearance o at least twa time trials, the passage through the muntain chain o the Pyrenees, an the finish in the Spaingie caipital Madrid. The modren edeetions o the Vuelta a España consist o 21 day-lang segments, stages, ower a 23-day period that includes 2 rest days.

Aw o the stages are timed tae the finish, efter finishin the riders' times are compoondit wi thair previous stage times. The rider wi the lawest aggregate time is the leader o the race an gets tae don the reid jersey. While the general classification garners the maist attention thare are ither contests held within the Vuelta: the pynts classification for the sprinters, the muntains classification for the climbers, combination classification for the aw-roond riders, an the team classification for the competin teams. The 2012 Vuelta a España wis wan bi the Spaniard Alberto Contador o Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank.[5][6]

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