Volkswagen Jetta

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Volkswagen Jetta
2019 Volkswagen Jetta front 7.11.18.jpg
Bouk an chassis
ClessCompact car (C)
PlatformVolkswagen Group A platform

The Volkswagen Jetta (Aboot this soondlisten ) is a compact caur/smaw faimily caur manufactured an mercatit bi Volkswagen syne 1979. Positioned tae fill a sedan niche abuin the firm's Golf hatchback, it haes been mercatit ower seiven generations, variously as the Atlantic, Vento, Bora, City Jetta, Jetta City, GLI, Jetta, Clasico, an Sagitar (in Cheenae).

The Jetta haes been affered in twa- an fower-door saloon / sedan, an five-door wagon / estate versions – aw as fower- or five-seaters. Syne the oreeginal version in 1980, the caur has grown in size an pouer wi each generation.[1] Bi mid-2011, amaist 10 million Jettas hae been producit an sauld aw over the warld. As o Apryle 2014, Volkswagen mercatit ower 14 million, becomin its tap sellin model.[2]

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