Volcán Tajumulco

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Volcán Tajumulco
Tajumulco Volcano.JPG
Crater o the Volcán Tajumulco
Heichest pynt
Elevation4,220 m (13,850 ft)
Prominence3,980 m (13,060 ft)
Isolation722 kilometres (449 mi)
Coordinates15°02′37″N 91°54′12″W / 15.043685°N 91.903308°W / 15.043685; -91.903308Coordinates: 15°02′37″N 91°54′12″W / 15.043685°N 91.903308°W / 15.043685; -91.903308
Volcán Tajumulco is locatit in Guatemala
Volcán Tajumulco
Volcán Tajumulco
Location in Guatemala
LocationSan Marcos, Guatemala
Parent rangeSierra Madre
Muntain teepStratovolcano
Volcanic arc/beltCentral America Volcanic Arc
Last eruptionUnknown

Volcán Tajumulco is a lairge stratovolcano in the depairtment o San Marcos in wastren Guatemala. It is the heichest moontain in Central Americae at 4,202 metres (13,786 ft). It is pairt o the moontain range o the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, which byganes in Mexico's soothren state o Chiapas.[1]

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tajumulco is componed o andesitic-dacitic lavas on the tap o a lairge escarpment o uncertain oreegin. It haes twa summits, ane o which haes a crater 50–70 metres (160–230 ft) wide. A lava flow frae the north-wastren summit descends intae a steep valley on the same side o the volcano.[2]

The volcano's eruptive history is unclear an the date o its last eruption is unkent. Reports frae the 18th an early 19th century claim tae record eruptions but these are conseedert unlikely.[2]

The region aroond Tajumulco is relatively sparsely populatit.[2] The nearest toun is San Marcos, locatit 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) tae the sooth-east.[1] awthou it is infrequently visitit,[2] the volcano can be climbed in aboot five oors frae the hamlet o Tuichán. Views are variable as the aurie is frequently covered in mist an cloos, wi condeetions at thair least favorable atween Apryle an September.[3]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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