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Volapuk symbol.svg
Logo o the Volapük muivement (2nt phase)
Creautit bi Johann Martin Schleyer
Date 1879–1880
Settin an uissage Internaitional: maistly in Europe
Users 20 (2000)[1]
Soorces vocabulary frae Inglis, German, an French
Offeecial status
Regulatit bi Kadäm Volapüka
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 vo
ISO 639-2 vol
ISO 639-3 vol
Glottolog None
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Volapük ([volaˈpyk] in Volapük) is a constructit leid, creatit in 1879–1880 bi Johann Martin Schleyer, a Roman Catholic priest in Baden, Germany.

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