Vivianne Pasmanter

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Vivianne Pasmanter
Born (1971-05-24) 24 Mey 1971 (age 48)
São Paulo, Brazil
Hauf-marrae(s)Gilberto Zaborowsky (2001-2008)

Vivianne Pasmanter (born 24 Mey 1971(1971-05-24) in São Paulo) is a Brazilian actress.

In her career collecting roles in soap operas especially, as Malu of Mulheres de Areia,[1][2] the Irene of A Próxima Vítima, the Lavínia of Anjo de Mim, the Elisabete of Andando nas Nuvens and Maria João of Uga-Uga. After six years of sporadic participation, returned to the screen in Páginas da Vida, as the photographer Isabel.[3] Later played Regeane Cordeiro, one of the protagonists of the novel Tempos Modernos.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Of Jewish origin,[4] Vivianne is the daughter of Ricardo Pasmanter, civil engineer, and Berta Pasmanter, plastic artist (both natural of Argentina).[5] Her first course was in Escola Hebraica de Teatro, where she met Caco Ciocler, who would later play opposite professionally. Within its formation are the Escola de Arte Dramática, courses with Antunes Filho and Miriam Mehler, among others.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

She married in 2001 with entrepreneur Gilberto Zaborowsky, and the first attempt at being a mother suffered a miscarriage, second pregnancy was accompanied by a lot of tension, but satisfactory with the arrival of Eduardo, her eldest son. Lara, her second daughter, born in 2005, was not planned when she thought of returning to work in television, found herself pregnant. For five years she enjoyed family life, returned to work in theater and cinema, with the play Tartufo and the film Viva Voz. Gilberto was married to her for seven years, the separation was confirmed in 2008.[6]

The actress also dated director Ignácio Coqueiro, who came to live with, and writer Vinícius Vianna.[7]

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