Vitus Bering

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Vitus Bering
Vitus Bering.jpg
Born5 August 1681
Horsens, Denmark
Dee'd(1741-12-08)8 December 1741 (aged 60)
Bering Island, Roushie Empire
Allegiance Roushie Empire
Service/branch Imperial Roushie Navy
Years o service1704–1741

Vitus Jonassen Bering (baptised 5 August 1681, died 19 December 1741),[1][nb 1] an aa kent as Ivan Ivanovich Bering,[2] wis a Dens cartografer an explorer in Roushie service, an an officer in the Roushie Navy. He is kent as a leader o twa Roushie expedeetions, namely the First Kamchatka Expedeetion an the Great Northern Expedeetion, explorin o the north-eastren coast o the Asie continent an frae thare the wastren coast on the North American continent. The Bering Strait, the Bering Sea, Bering Island, the Bering Glacier an the Bering Laund Brig war aw named in his honour.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Aw dates are here gien in the Julian calendar, which wis in uise throuoot Roushie at the time.

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