Vittorio Francesco o Savoy, Marquis o Susa

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Vittorio Francesco o Savoy
Marquis o Susa
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Full name
Vittorio Francesco Filippo di Savoia
Born10 December 1694
Turin, Savoy
Dee'd20 March 1762 (aged 68)
Spoose(s)Maria Lucrezia Franchi
nae childer
FaitherVictor Amadeus II o Sardinie
MitherJeanne Baptiste d'Albert

Vittorio Francesco o Savoy, Marquis o Susa (Vittorio Francesco Filippo; 10 December 1694 - 20 Mairch 1762) wis an illegitimate son o Keeng Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie an his mistress Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert, Coontess o Verua herself, a lady-in-waiting tae the Duchess o Savoy. He wis styled as the Marquis o Susa. He haed an older sister Vittoria Francesca o Savoy, Princess o Carignano (wif o Victor Amadeus o Savoy, Prince o Carignano)

He mairit Maria Lucrezia Franchi in 1760. She wis a daughter o Gaspare Orazio Franchi, Coont o Ponte Chianale. They haed nae childer.