Vittoria Francesca o Savoy

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Vittoria Francesca o Savoy
Princess o Carignano
Marchesa o Susa
Ambito Francese - Vittoria di Savoia-Soissons - Racconigi.jpg
Born9 Februar 1690(1690-02-09)
Ryal Pailace, Turin, Savoy
Dee'd8 Julie 1766(1766-07-08) (aged 76)
Hôtel de Soissons, Paris, Fraunce
SpouseVictor Amadeus, Prince o Carignano
IssueLouis Victor, Prince o Carignano
Anna Teresa, Princess o Soubise
Full name
Maria Vittoria Francesca di Savoia
FaitherVictor Amadeus II o Sardinie
MitherJeanne Baptiste d'Albert
SeegnaturVittoria Francesca o Savoy's signature

Vittoria Francesca o Savoy (Maria Vittoria Francesca; 9 Februar 1690 – 8 Julie 1766) wis an illegitimate dochter o King Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie, an his mistress Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert. Her faither wis the first king o the Hoose of Savoy. She mairit tae Victor Amadeus o Savoy, Prince o Carignano (head o a cadet branch o the Hoose o Savoy, she is an ancestor o the Kings o Sardinie an thus o the Savoyard Kings o Italy. Her faither created her the Marchesa o Susa (Marquis) in 1701. Vittoria Francesca o Savoy died in Paris in Julie 1766 aged 76. She wis the paternal grandmither o the Princesse de Lamballe, tragic friend o Marie Antoinette. She an her husband made a small fortune during the Regency o Philippe d'Orléans, haeving travelled tae Fraunce in 1717.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

She mairit Victor Amadeus o Savoy, Prince o Carignano, the most senior member o the Savoyard coort behind the ryal familie. They mairit on 7 November 1714 at Moncalieri. The new Princess o Carignano haed use o the Palazzo Carignano in Turin.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Prince Giuseppe Vittorio Amedeo o Savoy (21 Mey - 27 October 1716) died young.
  2. Princess Anne Thérèse o Savoy (1 November 1717 – 5 April 1745) mairit Charles de Rohan, Prince o Soubise an haed issue.
  3. Louis Victor o Savoy, Prince o Carignano (25 September 1721 – 16 December 1778) mairit Princess Christine o Hesse-Rotenburg an haed issue.
  4. Prince Vittorio Amedeo o Savoy (16 Juin 1722 - 1722)
  5. A dochter born dead (24 Masirch 1729)

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