Virtual Boy

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Virtual Boy
Virtualboy logo.svg
A Virtual Boy console wi its controller
TypeVideo gemme console
GenerationFift generation
Release date
  • JP: Julie 21, 1995
  • NA: August 16, 1995
Retail availability1995–1996
  • JP: Dizember 22, 1995
  • NA: Mairch 2, 1996
Units sauld770,000[1]
MediaROM cartridge
Relatit airticlesFamicom 3D System
Nintendo 3DS

The Virtual Boy[a] is a 32-bit table-tap video gemme console developit ani manufacturt bi Nintendo. Released in 1995, it wis mercatit as the first console capable o displayin stereoscopic 3D graphics. The player uises the console in a manner similar tae a heid-muntit display, placin their heid against the eepiece tae see a reid monochrome display. The gemmes uise a parallax effect tae create the illusion o deth. Sales failed tae meet targets, an bi early 1996, Nintendo ceased distribution an gemme development, anerly iver releasin 22 gemmes for the seestem.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Virtual Boy (Japanese: バーチャルボーイ, Hepburn: Bācharu Bōi)

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