Villa de Cos

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Villa de Cos
Municipality an toun
Villa de Cos is locatit in Mexico
Villa de Cos
Villa de Cos
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 23°17′42″N 102°20′24″W / 23.29500°N 102.34000°W / 23.29500; -102.34000Coordinates: 23°17′42″N 102°20′24″W / 23.29500°N 102.34000°W / 23.29500; -102.34000
Kintra  Mexico
State Zacatecas
 • Total 6,405 km2 (2,473 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 34,328

Villa de Cos is ane o 58 municipalities o Zacatecas, Mexico. It is locatit in the center-east o the state, bordered bi the municipalities o Mazapil, Francisco R. Murguia, Felipe Pescador, Fresnillo, Panuco, Guadalupe an Santo Domingo in the neebourin state o San Luis Potosí. It haes a aurie o 6,405 km² occupeein 8.53% o state territory. The municipal seat is locatit in the toun o the same name. Accordin tae figurs frae INEGI, in 2010, it haed a population o 34.328 inhabitants. Its main economic activity is pickin chile an feedlot.

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