Viet Cong

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Viet Cong
Pairteecipant in the Vietnam War
FNL Flag.svg
The flag o the Viet Cong, adoptit in 1960, is a variation on the Flag o North Vietnam.[1]
Left-wing naitionalism
Vietnamese naitionalism
Ho Chi Minh Thoucht
GroupsNaitional Liberation Front for Soothern Vietnam
Provisional Revolutionary Govrenment o the Republic o Sooth Vietnam (PRG)
Fowk's Liberation Airmed Forces (PLAF)
Alliance o Naitional Democratic an Peace Forces
Central Office for Sooth Vietnam (COSVN)
PLAF Commander
COSVN Pairty Secretar
Aurie o operationsIndocheenae, wi a focus on Sooth Vietnam
Oreeginatit asViet Minh
BecamVietnam Faitherland Front
AlliesNorth Vietnam, Soviet Union, Cheenae
OpponentsSooth Vietnam, Unitit States
Battles an warsSee full leet

The Viet Cong (Vietnamese: [vîət kə̂wŋmˀ] ( listen)), or Naitional Liberation Front, wis a poleetical organisation an airmy in Sooth Vietnam an Cambodie that foucht the Unitit States an Sooth Vietnamese govrenments during the Vietnam War (1959–1975), an emerged on the winnin side. It haed baith guerrilla an regular airmy units, as well as a netwirk o cadres who organized peasants in the territory it controlled. Mony soldiers wur recruitit in Sooth Vietnam, but ithers wur attached tae the Fowk's Airmy o Vietnam (PAVN), the regular North Vietnamese airmy. During the war, communists an anti-war spokesmen insistit the Viet Cong wis an insurgency indigenous tae the Sooth, while the U.S. an Sooth Vietnamese govrenments portrayed the group as a tuil o Hanoi. Altho the terminology distinguishes northerners frae the soothreners, communist forces wur unner a single command structur set up in 1958.[6]

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