Victoria Cross

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Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross.jpg
Obverse o the cross. Reebin: 1½" (38 mm), cramasie (blue reebin for naval awairds 1856–1918).
Awarded by
Monarch o the Unitit Kinrick
TypeMilitary decoration
EligibilityPersons o any rank in the Naval, Militar an Air Forces o the Unitit Kinrick, its colonies or territories, an Commonweel kintras that awaird UK honours; members o the Merchant Navy; an ceevilians servin unner the orders, directions or superveesion o ony o the abuin-mentioned forces or services.[1]
Awairdit for"... maist conspicuous bravery, or some darin or pre-eminent act o valour or sel-saicrifeece, or extreme devotion tae duty in the presence o the enemy."[2]
StatusCurrently awairdit.
DescriptionBronze Cross pattée wi Croun an Lion Superimponed, an motto: 'For Valour'
Established29 Januar 1856
First awairdit1857
Last awairdit26 Februar 2015
Tot awairdit1,358
Order of Wear
Next (heicher)None
Next (lawer)George Cross[3]
UK Victoria Cross ribbon bar.svg
Reebin baur

The Victoria Cross (VC) is the heichest awaird o the Unitit Kinrick honours seestem.

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