Victor Ponta

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Victor Ponta
Victor Ponta debate November 2014.jpg
Prime Meenister o Romanie
In office
7 Mey 2012 – 5 November 2015a[1]
Preses Traian Băsescu
Crin Antonescu (Actin)
Traian Băsescu
Klaus Iohannis
Deputy Gabriel Oprea
Precedit bi Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu
Succeedit bi Sorin Cîmpeanu (Actin)
Leader o the Social Democratic Pairty
In office
21 Februar 2010 – 12 Julie 2015b
Precedit bi Mircea Geoană
Succeedit bi Rovana Plumb (Actin)
Meenister o Pairlamentary Relations
In office
22 December 2008 – 1 October 2009
Prime Meenister Emil Boc
Precedit bi Mihai Voicu
Succeedit bi Sorina-Luminiţa Plăcintă (Actin)
Personal details
Born Victor-Viorel Ponta
(1972-09-20) 20 September 1972 (age 45)
Bucharest, Romanie
Poleetical pairty Social Democratic Pairty
Ither poleetical
Social Liberal Union (2011–2014)
Spoose(s) Roxana Ponta (Afore 2006)
Daciana Sârbu (2006–present)
Bairns 2
Alma mater Varsity o Bucharest
National Defence Varsity
Religion Romanian Orthodoxy[2]
aPonta wis on leave frae 22 Juin 2015 – 9 Julie 2015, during which time Gabriel Oprea served as Acting Prime Meenister.
bPonta wis on leave frae 24 Juin 2015 – 9 Julie 2015, during which time Rovana Plumb served as Actin Leader.

Victor-Viorel Ponta (Romanie pronunciation: [ˈviktor ˈponta]; born 20 September 1972) is a Romanie jurist an politeecian who served as Prime Meenister o Romanie frae appyntit bi Preses Traian Băsescu in Mey 2012 tae his resignation on November 2015 follaein the Colectiv nichtclub fire.[1]

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