Victor Hugo

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Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo by Étienne Carjat 1876 - full.jpg
Woodburytype o Victor Hugo bi Étienne Carjat, 1876.
BornVictor Marie Hugo
26 Februar 1802(1802-02-26)
Besançon, Doubs, Fraunce
Dee'd22 Mey 1885(1885-05-22) (aged 83)
Paris, Fraunce
Restin placePanthéon, Paris, Fraunce
ThriftWriter, poet, politeecian
Alma materVarsity o Paris
Period19t century
GenreNovel, dramaturgy, theatre, poetry, essay, drawin
Leeterar muivementRomanticism
Notable warks
Years active1829–1883
SpooseAdèle Foucher
(m. 1822; her daith 1868)


Victor Marie Hugo (French: [viktɔʁ maʁi yɡo] ( listen); 26 Februar 1802 – 22 Mey 1885) wis a French poet, novelist, an dramatist o the Romantic muivement. Hugo is conseedert tae be ane o the greatest an best-kent French writers. Ootside o Fraunce, his maist famous warks are the novelles Les Misérables, 1862, an The Hunchback o Notre-Dame (French: Notre-Dame de Paris), 1831. In Fraunce, Hugo is kent primarily for his poetry collections, sic as Les Contemplations (The Contemplations) an La Légende des siècles (The Legend o the Ages).

Hugo wis at the forefront o the romantic leeterar muivement wi his play Cromwell an drama Hernani. Mony o his warks hae inspired muisic, baith in his lifetime an efter his daith, includin the muisicals Notre-Dame de Paris an Les Misérables. He produced mair nor 4,000 drawins in his lifetime, an campaigned for social causes sic as the aboleetion o caipital punishment.

Tho a committit ryalist whan he wis young, Hugo's views chynged as the decades passed, an he becam a passionate supporter o republicanism; his wirk titches upon maist o the poleetical an social issues an the airtistic trends o his time. He is buiried in the Panthéon in Paris. His legacy haes been honoured in mony weys, includin his portrait bein placed on French siller.