Victoire o Fraunce (1556)

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VVictoire o Fraunce
Livre d'heures de Catherine de Medicis 04.jpg
Born24 June 1556
Pailace o Fontainebleau, Fraunce
Dee'dAmboise, Fraunce
Full name
Victoire de France death_date = 17 August 1556 (age 1 month 24 days)
HooseValois (Angoulême branch
FaitherHenry II o Fraunce
MitherCatherine de' Medici
Crown of a Royal Prince of the Blood of France (variant).svg

Victoire de Fraunce (24 Juin 1556 – 17 August 1556) and her twin sister Jeanne were the last children born tae King Henry II o Fraunce an his wife, Catherine de' Medici.