Venus (meethologie)

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Esquiline Venus (50 v. Chr.)

Venus (/ˈvi.nəs/, Classical Laitin: /ˈwɛ.nʊs/) is the Roman goddess whose functions encompassed luve, brawness, sex, growthiness, prosperity an victory. In Roman meethologie, she wis the mither o the Roman fowk throu her son, Aeneas, who survivit the faw o Troy an fled tae Italy. Julius Caesar claimit her as his ancestor. Venus wis central tae mony releegious festivals, an wis veneratit in Roman releegion unner numerous cult titles.

The Romans adaptit the meeths and iconografie o her Greek coonterpairt Aphrodite for Roman airt an Laitin leeteratur. In the later classical tradeetion o the Wast, Venus becomes ane o the maist widely referencit deities o Greco-Roman meethologie as the embodiment o luve an sexuality.