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Vauxhall Brig

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Vauxhall Bridge
Coordinates51°29′15″N 0°07′37″W / 51.48750°N 0.12694°W / 51.48750; -0.12694Coordinates: 51°29′15″N 0°07′37″W / 51.48750°N 0.12694°W / 51.48750; -0.12694
CarriesA202 road
CrossesRiver Thames
Heritage statusGrade II* listed
Precedit biGrosvenor Railway Bridge
Follaed biLambeth Bridge
DesignArch bridge
MaterialSteel and granite
Tot lenth809 feet (247 m)
Width80 feet (24 m)
No. o spans5
Piers in watter4
Clearance ablo39 feet 9 inches (12.1 m) at lowest astronomical tide[1]
DesignerSir Alexander Binnie,
Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice
Opened26 May 1906
ReplacesRegent Bridge (Old Vauxhall Bridge) 1816–98
Daily traffic50,533 vehicles (2004)[2]

Vauxhall Brig is a Grade II* leetit steel an granite deck airch brig in central Lunnon. It crosses the River Thames in a sootheast–northwast direction atween Vauxhall on the sooth bank an Pimlico on the north bank. Appent in 1906, it replaced an earlier brig, oreeginally kent as Regent Brig but later renamed Vauxhall Brig, built atween 1809 an 1816 as pairt o a schame for redevelopin the sooth bank o the Thames. The oreeginal brig wis built on the site o a whilom ferry.

The biggin o baith brigs wis problematic, wi baith the first an seicond brigs requiring several redesigns frae multiple architects. The oreeginal brig, the first iron brig ower the Thames, wis built bi a preevat company an operated as a toll brig afore being takken intae public awnership in 1879. The seicon brig, whit teuk eicht years tae build, wis the first in Lunnon tae cairy trams an later ane o the first twa roads in Lunnon tae hae a bus loan.

In 1963 it wis proponed tae replace the brig wi a modren development conteening seiven fluirs o shaps, office space, hottle rooms an leisur faceelities uphaudit abuiv the river, but the plans war abandoned acause o costs. Wi the exception o alterations tae the road ootset an the balustrade, the design an appearance o the current brig haes remeened awmaist unchanged sic 1907. The brig the day is an impairtant pairt o Lunnon's road seestem an cairies the A202 road across the Thames.

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