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Vasily Smyslov
Full name Vasily Vasilyevich (Vasilievich) Smyslov
Kintra Soviet Union
Born 24 Mairch 1921(1921-03-24)
Moscow, Roushie Soviet
Federative Socialist Republic
Died 27 Mairch 2010(2010-03-27) (aged 89)
Moscow, Roushie
Teetle Grandmaster
Warld Champion 1957–58
Peak ratin 2620 (Julie 1971)

Vasily Vasilyevich Smyslov (Roushie: Васи́лий Васи́льевич Смысло́в; 24 Mairch 1921 – 27 Mairch 2010)[1] wis a Soviet an Roushie chess grandmaster, an wis Warld Chess Champion frae 1957 tae 1958. He wis a Candidate for the Warld Chess Championship on aicht occasions (1948, 1950, 1953, 1956, 1959, 1965, 1983, an 1985). Smyslov twice tied for first at the Soviet Championship (1949, 1955), an his tot of 17 Chess Olympiad medals wan is an aw-time record. In five European Team Championships, Smyslov wan ten gowd medals.

Smyslov remained active an successful in competitive chess well intae the 1960s an 1970s, qualifyin for the finals o the Warld Championship Candidates' Matches as late as 1983. Despite failin eesicht, he remained active in the occasional composeetion o chess problems an studies till shortly afore his daith in 2010.

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