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Vasco Gonçalves
Vasco Goncalves 1982 Henrique Matos 01.jpg
Prime Meenister o Portugal
In office
18 Julie 1974 – 19 September 1975
Preses António de Spínola
Francisco da Costa Gomes
Precedit bi Adelino da Palma Carlos
Succeedit bi José Pinheiro de Azevedo
Personal details
Born 3 Mey 1922(1922-05-03)
Lisbon, Portugal
Dee'd 11 Juin 2005(2005-06-11) (aged 83)
Almancil, Portugal
Poleetical pairty Independent
Spoose(s) Aida Rocha Afonso
Bairns Ane son, ane dochter
Alma mater Portuguese Militar Academy
Profession Airmy officer
Awairds Order Playa Girón
Militar service
Service/branch Portuguese Airmy
Years o service 1942–1975
Rank General

General Vasco dos Santos Gonçalves (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈvaʃku ɡõˈsaɫvɨʃ]; Lisbon 3 May 1922 – 11 June 2005) wis a Portuguese airmy officer in the Ingineerin Corps who teuk pairt in the Carnation Revolution an later servit as the 104t Prime Meenister frae 18 Julie 1974 tae 19 September 1975.

He wis best kent for his controversial left-wing positions, includin naitionalization o banks an insurance companies efter the events o 11 Mairch 1975. The matter o fact is that those naitionalizations wur provokit bi the bank conglomerates' huge debt tae the Portuguese State an their directors' escape tae Brazil.

In parallel, ither measurs implementit bi his govrenment, such as imposin a minimum wage an the attribution o the "Christenmas subsidy" (equal tae ane month's pay), wur haurdly radical in democratic Europe, even bi the day's staundarts.

Son o umwhile Benfica player, Vítor Candido Gonçalves, faither o Portuguese film director Vítor Gonçalves.

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