Varsity o Zurich

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Varsity o Zurich
Universität Zürich
Laitin: Universitas Turicensis
TeepPublic varsity
Budget1,278 million Swiss francs[1]
PresesProf. Dr. Michael Hengartner
Academic staff
3,702 (Full-time equivalent)[1]
Admeenistrative staff
2,051 (Full-time equivalent)[1]
LocationZürich, Canton o Zurich, Swisserland
47°22′29″N 8°32′54″E / 47.37472°N 8.54833°E / 47.37472; 8.54833Coordinates: 47°22′29″N 8°32′54″E / 47.37472°N 8.54833°E / 47.37472; 8.54833

The Varsity o Zurich (UZH, German: Universität Zürich), locatit in the ceety o Zürich, is the lairgest varsity in Swisserland,[2] wi ower 26,000 students.[3][4] It wis foondit in 1833[5] frae the exeestin colleges o theology, law, medicine an a new faculty o filosofie.

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