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Varsity o Saunt Aundraes

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(Reguidit frae Varsity o St. Andras)
St Andras Varsity clessics biggin

The Varsity o St Aundraes (Inglis: University of Saint Andrews) is the auldest varsity in Scotland an thrid auldest in the Inglish-speakin warld, haein been foondit atween 1410 an 1413. The Varsity is situate in the wee toun o Saunt Aundraes, in Fife, on the aest coast o Scotland.

The Varsity o St Aundraes aucht its oreegin tae a society shapit in 1410 bi Lawrence o Lindores, abbot o Scone an a puckle ithers.

The Varsity librar that nou includes the aulder college librars, wis foondit aboot the mids o the 17t century, rebiggit in 1764, an bettert in 1829 an 1889 - 1890.

The modren biggins, in the Jacobean style, wis erectit atween 1827 an 1847. in 1890 Varsity College Dundee becam affiliate tae the Varsity o St Aundraes.